West African Community Missions

Healing, Learning, Building

Our Family Story

WACM was founded by Dr Kevin and Valerie White. Dr White is a pediatrician in Ventura who trained in nutrition and Pediatric Infectious diseases. Valerie bring’s her leadership skills, donating her time to the running of WACM and the medical teams as well as being a full time mother of four. We have been members of Sacred Heart Parish in Ventura since 2014.

We have been working in the third world every spring and fall for the last ten years, leading med- ical teams and water, building, and education projects. Our four children have grown up splitting there time between working in the third world and completing there schooling here in Ventura.

In 2013 we began the process of being received into the Catholic church and finally “came home” with our confirmation into the Roman Catholic Church in 2014.

Our family’s passion is serving the poor, as well as giving doctors, nurses, students, youth and lay people a chance to serve in the developing world. We have been deeply blessed and hope you can join our family in touching the little ones throughout the world.


West African Community Missions
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Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor - Romans 12:10